QiGong At Home classes are a fun, simple way to release stress, recharge your energy and feel better.

"QiGong" (chee-gong) might sound a bit weird... and some people are a little sceptical before trying a class...

Yet after trying QiGong At Home for the first time here's what a few people had to say...

Not only that... people have told me that attending QiGong At Home classes has helped to improve their breathing, reduce their aches and pains, increase their confidence, calm their anxiety, and leave them feeling great!

The classes involve a series of gentle movements suitable for ALL fitness levels and ages...

You can join in from the comfort of your home as classes are online...

And you'll only need about 30 minutes, some comfortable clothes, and enough space to swing your arms.

Simply enter your name and email below and I'll invite you to come to a QiGong At Home class for free at a time that works for you.

There's also a free class on the last Saturday of every month. So when you register today you not only get your first class free, you automatically get up to 12 free classes a year...

Enter your name and email in the form below to get...

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I can't wait to share the magic of QiGong with you!

Mike x

P.S. There will be some in-person classes in future, so enter your email if you'd like to hear about those too!

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Disclaimer: QiGong is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have serious illness or injury, any change of health status including pregnancy, or feel uncertain about practicing QiGong, please consult a physician prior to taking part.

One of the principles of QiGong is to respect and listen to your body. If at any time during a class or video you feel discomfort or strain, please rest or take care of your needs as you see fit.

By logging into a class or watching any video provided by Mike Emery or QiGong At Home, you agree to the full disclaimer linked below.

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